Henry Clarence Schlarb (1893 – 1981)

Download the Taylor PDF file from which the info below was compiled.

Henry’s activities and involvement at Taylor University

Henry graduated from Taylor University in 1918. He taught German from 1918-1919 at Taylor. During the summer of 1917 he lived in the front room of the Pogue dorm.

While at Taylor he was a member of the Echo staff; the subscription manager from 1915-16 and the business manager from 1916-1917.

He was also a member of the Eulogonian Debating Club from 1915 – 1917, serving as the President of the club in the fall of 1915.

From 1914 – 1918 he was also a member of the Philalethean Literary Society (“Philos”). He debated for them in competitions. He served as Vice President for the fall of 1914 and 1915; as Treasurer in the spring of 1915. Was acting Chaplain in the sponge of 1916. He played the part of Dr. Vayhinger in a “mock faculty meeting” at the “Society Joy Night” which was part of the program for Commencement week, 1916 and 1917.

He was President of the Prohibition League 1916-17.

Henry served as Treasurer of the Taylor Athletic Association from 1915-16. Served as a ‘sub” on the Mitchell Basketball team in the spring 1916 (photo), and was a member of the spring 1916 Saxons Basketball Team.

From 1915-1916 he served as Sophomore Class President, as well as the Junior Class President from 1916-17.

He was also a student preacher; serving at Millgrove United Brethren Church from 1914 to at least 1916. He got a car in the summer of 1916 to drive to his charge, He was still a student preacher in 1917. He assisted a fellow student preacher in his revival during the 1914 Holidays. Spent the summer of 1915 preaching and farming in Millgrove, Indiana. He was also involved in special revival meetings over Christmas vacation in 1915.

His outside activities also included debating at a W.C.T.U. convention on February 23, 1916.

An essay appeared in the Taylor Echo May 1, 1917 attributed to him titled, “College Men and the War” [Download the PDF].

Henry Schlarb's graduation picture from Taylor University, 1918

Henry Schlarb’s graduation picture from Taylor University, 1918

His graduation picture from 1918

He was awarded his Diploma in 1918.

Taylor Diploma 1918


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