Sept 1918 – Taylor becomes a military training school

“During World War I, Taylor University had a student Army Training Corps on campus. Lt. Claude Manary was the commandant of the group comprised of 67 male students. Manary arrived on campus October 10, 1918, and remained in charge until after the Armistice.

Several of the male students enlisted for service. In addition to the male recruits, a training corps was initiated for women. The female training corps was under the leadership of Mrs. Cleo Collar Holloway. All students who participated were paid by the federal government for their service.

The students in the training corps had close order drill each day. instructions in military history, map reading, and instruction in the use of weaponry. The demobilization of the organization took place on December 20, 1918.”


The Star Press (Muncie, Indiana) 16 Sep 1918, Mon

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 The Indianapolis StarIndianapolis, Indiana Wednesday, October 9, 1918 – Page 8 1 of 3 matches on this page.  

The SATC officially began on October 1, 1918. It was located on 525 educational institutions and inducted 200,000 total students on the first day. Unlike the Selective Service Draft, enrollment in the SATC was completely voluntary. However, doing so gave you the rank of private in the United States army. Therefore, this was not a way of avoiding enlistment. While attending the SATC did allow for young men to stay on the home front, the ultimate goal of this was creating trained soldiers for the military.
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