This web site is dedicated to archiving and accessing the sermons of the Reverend Henry Clarence Schlarb (1892 – 1981) who was a minister in the Evangelical United Brethren denomination.

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From Janet Shaver, granddaughter

 “Grandpa was an incredible man!! Left crippled after a stroke in his early 40’s (i believe that is the age), he did not loose faith or hope. His messages (you can find on the web site) are as relevant today as they were during his 50+ years of ministry. It was a privilege to go calling with him when I was 3-5 yrs old (in Anderson, IN) and during my high school days in other cities. I would stand by his side in the car and go through the neighborhood knocking on doors and talking and praying with the people there. What a rich heritage!!! What a legacy!! Meet Grandpa (Rev. H.C. Schlarb) in his messages!”

Guy Lajeunesse 

“I was privileged to be a dinner guest in his and Grandmother Olive’s home. I will never forget them. They were remarkable people of love, dignity, intelligence, humor and charm. I knew I was in the presence of truly great people.”