The Precious Blood of Christ – 1 Peter 1:13-25

The Precious Blood | 1 Peter 1:13-25 | Download | March 16, 1958 | Bailey Chapel | Tags: Redemption, Work of Christ

I Peter 1: 13-end.

Text:– I Peter 1: 20.

Introduction:– Peter was an old man when he wrote these words. He had a long time been a follower of the Master. I presume, he had at times lain down to sleep, but could not, and then he had lived over some of the glorious things of his past life. The most precious thing, to him, was the blood of Christ. By that he meant the sacrifice Christ had made for the sins of the whole world. He calls it in this text “the precious blood”. What does this precious blood do for us?


It redeems us. Not only from the hands of the devil, but also from the hands of the law. The law condemns, but Christ has satisfied the claims of the law. He tasted death for every man, and he has made it possible for every man to be saved. How? Paul the apostle says, “God gave him up freely for us all, and what we want to do is to take Him.”

Silver and gold could not redeem our souls. Our life had been forfeited. Death had come into the world by sin, and nothing but the life of another man could atone for my soul, or your soul. If gold or silver could have redeemed us, do you not think God would have erected world of gold? But we are not redeemed by such corruptible things, but by the precious blood of Christ. Redemption means “buying back”; we had sold ourselves for nothing, and Christ redeemed us and bought us back. Bought us back and set us free. “Illustration of sparrow.”


It blots out sin. Thank God for that. You see a cloud, and it is soon gone into vapor and disappears; can it ever be found in the history of the world? No, never. There may be other clouds but the same one will not appear again. It is like when you write upon a slate, or blackboard and then rub it out. Where had it gone? It cannot be found. No philosopher can find it. And so does the blood of Christ blot out sin. He blots sin out.

I believe that when we get to heaven we will find men whom we have known to be thieves, and drunkards, and murderers, men as black and vile any men that ever trod this earth, as pure as the son of God, because they have repented of the sins they had committed, and the blood of Christ had made them whole. And so, any man, any woman, who is steeped in sin of the blackest kind, can be as white as a lily by the blood of Christ.


It brings us near to God. In Ephesians 2: 13, we read, But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made near by the blood Christ. It not only brings us near to God, but brings is near to one another. The brings us near; we realize that we are blood relatives. The tie of Christian fellowship is sometimes stronger that any natural tie. If a church were divided and you want to bring it together the only way to do it would be to preach Christ. Hold up the cross. The sincere believers would rally round it and then the others would also. The cross is the great drawing card. “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” If some one in a family dies, see how quickly the family comes together. So we will gather around the dross where Christ died for you and me. That brings us near.


The blood of Christ is precious, because it brings peace. “Having made peace through the blood of the cross.” Col. 1: 20.

You can look for peace the world over, and you will never find it until you come to the cross. You will not have to make peace; it is already made. Did you ever realize, when Christ died, he made out his will? Perhaps you thought you had never been mentioned in any will. Well, you have, if you are a child of God. When Christ was on the cross, he made out his will. He willed his spirit back to his Father; he willed his body to Joseph of Arimathea; he willed his mother to John the son of Zebedee; and then he said to his disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you”. Joy and peace were his legacies. You can have them, if you want them.

They say now-a-days that you cannot make a will that is so sure that some keen lawyer can’t smash it to pieces; but the will of Christ they can’t break. He rose from the grave to execute his own will. He made peace by his blood upon the cross.

No, no one, who knows what peace of conscience and peace of mind, and peace of soul are, but has pleaded the will of God thru Christ. There is no spot where peace can be found except under the shadow of the cross. He billows may come surging and rolling against you, but if you find shelter under the cross of Jesus Christ we have peace.

Do you want peace? Is your soul tossed on the waves of trouble and sorrow and persecution. If it is, just be ye reconciled to God.

During the last days of the Civil war, when many men were deserting from the south, Sec., Stanton sent out a notice from the war department that no more refugees be taken into the Union army. A southern soldier who knew nothing about that, came into the Union lines and the order was dead to him. He did not know what to do. If he went back to the Southern army we would be shot as a deserter. He did the only thing he knew to do. He hid in the woods. When got so hungry that he could not stand it any longer, and seeing an office going by, he rushed out to his and said to him, that he was hungry and if he did not help him he would take his life. Then the officer said, “Haven you heard the news?” No, what news? “Why the war is over. Lee had surrendered. Peace has been declared. Go into the first town and get all the food you want.”

The man waved his hat and shouted and then hastened to the nearest town as quickly as he could.

Yes, peace has been declared, the war is over. Be ye reconciled to God, and the whole thing is settled. The trouble is on your side. The blood of Christ is the mercy seat, and as long as it is there the vilest sinner can enter and be saved for time and eternity. If there one here who needs the grace of Christ to forgive his sin. Come to the mercy seat and he will forgive you.

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