Immortality1 Corinthians 15:50-57 | Download | January 5, 1943 (funeral) | March 17, 1954 | May 10, 1963 | Hand-written | Preached at the funerals of Charles M. Spencer in 1943, Loren Harris 3/17/54 and W.H. Hosier 5/10/63. Tags: Funeral, Eternal life, Immortality

Scripture: 1 Cor 15:50-53

Text: St. John 11: 25-26

Intro: Speak of fact that this is a memorial service for the departed. What we say or do does not affect his destiny. Speak of assurance we have of his acceptance of Christ.

Introduce subject—Immortality. Man has always hoped for it. Has presented to himself anger—meant to satisfy himself about it. He has said to himself that

  1. Surely God would not push a longing into soul of man which he could not meet.
  2. Surely God would not implant a falsehood in the human heart.
  3. Surely there must be life beyond this life, for life is so short here.
  4. Surely God has a life for us beyond this life, for life is so incomplete here. So many never have a fair chance.

Best all of these reasoning * brought no sure satisfaction. It remained for Christ to “bring life and immortality to light thru the gospel 2 Tim 1:10

We have in our text Christ own word about it and in incident a demonstration of it.

  1. All men have longing
  2. Even unregenerate men—unsaved men

“Though he were dead, yet shall he live”

New Birth Bring –Assurance

  1. When one is truly born again, he instinctively and naturally feels himself an heir of things beyond this world—of heavenly things.
  2. As natural births ushers us into world of time and material things, so spiritual birth ushers us into world of spiritual things and makes joint heirs with Christ to all things God has for us.
  3. When one begins to pray to hold communion and fellowship with God, when he partakes of the Divine nature and finds this satisfactions in God and spiritual things, he has an assurance of immortality persuading his very soul.
  4. On other hand for a man to live for the world, to steep his soul in casual pleasures and find enjoyment solely in the things of earth, such a man cannot, does not, have any intelligent, or satisfying service of immortality.
  1. Whosoever liveth and Believeth in me, shall never die.
  2. Faith in Christ and the experience of the New Birth does not keep us from dying a physical death. But it does not separate us from God, for spiritual death is separation from God, now, and hereafter.
  3. Physical death for the believer, the Christian, does not separate from God. It separates us from friends, loved ones, and earthly things, but it brings us closer to God and to abundant life; yes it brings into presence of God and all realities and glories of other world. This robs death of the sting and victory.


  1. Resurrection of Body
  2. These bodies wear out overtime * to all when body will return to earth.
  3. Bodies now natural—“Sown natural—raised spiritual.”

Sown mortal—raised immortal.

Sown corruptible—raised incorruptible.

Here the complete victory.

Come!—have you experienced


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